Advising in the field of cultivation and business optimization

Knowledge development, sharing and exchange within greenhouse horticulture

Advising on and guiding in the transition to sustainable energy solutions

Designing, developing and supervising innovative total concepts


Dutch greenhouse horticulture companies have been among the best in the world for years. Among them, 4D Bedrijfsadvies run as a Dutch greenhouse grower for more than 20 years as well.

Now with two decades experience in greenhouse industry, we are focusing on advising greenhouse horticulture companies worldwide. With the best experts who have the most specific knowledge, 4D Bedrijfsadvies, together with its partners, advise top greenhouse horticulture companies to further optimize production and efficiency.


Knowledge sharing has ensured that Dutch greenhouse horticulture industry keeps its leading position in the world. Now the time has come to share this knowledge worldwide. To be able to feed the world and make it a bit more beautiful, this is becoming increasingly important.

Steps to transfer Dutch expertise and develop new knowledge together with horticulturists all over the world are an important part of our DNA. Therefore, 4D Bedrijfsadvies has been committed to the sharing and creation of knowledge.


Energy use in agriculture accounts for a large proportion of total energy consumption worldwide. However, Dutch greenhouse horticulture is efficient in the use of energy. By extracting heat, electricity and CO2 from natural gas, we can proudly conclude that we use this raw material multi-functionally. Nevertheless, we see making Dutch greenhouse horticulture more sustainable as one of our top priorities.

4D Bedrijfsadvies advises horticultural companies in their searching and transition to sustainable alternatives in order to maximal optimize the operational outcomes.


4D Bedrijfsadvies is convinced that every building should radiate what a company stands for. The building not only honestly presents the function and usage, but also is the eye-catcher and represents the business concept and vision. When a building knows how to tell, confidence in the company is immediately aroused. Solid buildings stand for a solid company.

We are happy to advise our customers on how such qualities can be achieved in the building. 4D Bedrijfsadvies guides companies in this from the first plan to project delivery. We not only serve local Dutch customers, but also advise companies from other countries such as China.


4D Bedrijfsadvies BV is a professional consulting company active in the field of greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands.

For more than two decades, we have advised greenhouse companies and associations to achieve higher and more ambitious goals.

As our business expanded, we are also practicing in the building & construction industry.


In our approach, 
we stimulate the courage to dream,
build on what is good and translate this into a design,
to get one step closer to the (common) dreamed goal.


We should be brave enough to dream. Therefore, we are aiming to stimulate people to think bigger.


A lot often goes well. Being able to appreciate this and use it in the future is effective and generates energy.


Step by step we investigate whether interventions we use are effective and where necessary we make adjustments.


We achieve the shared goal by deploying and excelling talents.