Energy Coalition West Brabant

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Energy Coalition West Brabant

Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization (ZLTO) ; Glastuinbouw Netherland

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Greenhouse energy coalition 

Greenhouse companies in West Brabant  

Energy Coalition West Brabant

Commissioned by ZLTO and Glastuinbouw Nederland, 4D Bedrijfsadvies worked on inventorying and analyzing the energy needs of the horticultural cluster areas in the province of Noord-Brabant. For each region, an analysis was made of the energy consumption and the sustainability options in relation to existing infrastructure.

In addition to this, the added value of setting up an energy coalition was investigated as a connecting and strengthening factor between greenhouse horticulture companies, governments and institutes. It is important to note that here again applies, “Alone you go faster, but together you get further”. Knowledge development is expensive and requires a lot of time. The energy coalition West Brabant should take on a coordinating role in this. An important task here is to bring together development questions and acquire and distribute budgets for knowledge development evenly. By working together intelligently, ideas do not have to be reinvented every time, and the sector can utilize opportunities. An essential part of this is a practical toolset to start the energy transition.

We analyzed whether the horticultural cluster areas and the individual companies are sufficiently represented in the issued Regional Energy Strategy (RES’sen) in North Brabant. ZLTO and Glastuinbouw Nederland used this input to sharpen the existing RES’sen and draw attention to Brabant greenhouse horticulture’s sustainability potential.