Energy Neutral Greenhouse Steenbergen

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Role of 4D: 

Energy Neutral Greenhouse Steenbergen

Province of North-Brabant

Process supervisor and manager



Climate-and energy- neutral

Kwekerij 4-Evergreen, Van Adrichem Kwekerijen, Kwekerij Hoogerbrugge, KBB Holland, Van der Houwen Kwekerijen, Gebr. van Duijn, Quality Care, Kwekerij Loos  

Energy Neutral Greenhouse Steenbergen

To make Dutch greenhouse more sustainable is one of the Dutch top priorities. 4D Bedrijfsadvies, together with the province of North-Brabant, is aming to help eight greenhouse growers from the municipality of Steenbergen make their total 110 hectares greenhouse as climate- and energy-neutral as possible. Within this process, 4D Bedrijfsadvies fulfilled the process supervisor and coordinator role.

Theses eight greenhouse cultivation companies grow tomato, pepper, eggplant and strawberries, for which they consume 52 million m3 of natural gas on an annual basis. Energy consumption is one of the most significant cost items during the operation of the greenhouses. The companies are working towards sustainable production as climate and energy-neutral as possible by joining forces and involving the environment.

The joint ambition is to use greenhouse horticulture production to reduce CO2 emissions and make a more sustainable move towards the future. Various alternatives and innovations in biomass, geothermal energy, hydrogen, and residual heat & CO2 are compared at the business case level. Based on the individual data and the joint wishes, we are working on future-proof greenhouse horticulture in Steenbergen.

This approach has resulted in a follow-up process. The use of residual heat and CO2 from PreZero for the horticultural areas Steenbergen and Dinteloord will now be further tackled together.

These eight greenhouse cultivation companies in Steenbergen are:

Kwekerij 4-Evergreen

Van Adrichem Kwekerijen

Kwekerij Hoogerbrugge

KBB Holland

Van der Houwen Kwekerijen

Gebr. van Duijn

Quality Care

Kwekerij Loos