Jiangsu Modern Greehouse Research Trip

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Jiangsu Modern Greenhouse Research Trip

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Greenhouse  in China

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Jiangsu Modern Greenhouse Research trip

From November 10th to 20th, 2022, 4D Bedrijfsadvies BV, on behalf of the CDDG Consortium, conducted a 10-day research trip to modern greenhouses in Jiangsu, China, in collaboration with the representative of the Provincial government North Brabant in Jiangsu, the representative of the Jiangsu Commerce Bureau in the Netherlands, and Fore Cornif BV. The purpose of the research was to find a suitable local construction and operation partner for the CDDG (Dutch Demonstration Greenhouse) project.

With the support of the Jiangsu Commerce Bureau and the Provincial government of North Brabant, 4D Bedrijfsadvies BV and representatives visited and investigated the Nantong Hai’an Ya Zhou Modern Agriculture Park, the Da Feng Da Zhong Street in Yancheng, the Yancheng Binhai Modern Agriculture Industrial Park, the Lianyungang Agriculture and Development Group, and the Zhangjiagang Shan Gang Village, among others.

This was a fruitful research trip, allowing us to gain an understanding of the current state of China’s greenhouse industry. We saw China’s determination to upgrade its agriculture to a modern and intelligent direction, as well as the challenges currently facing the industry.

At each location, we exchanged and shared knowledge with local greenhouse operators and managers. This further reinforced the goal of the CDDG consortium to construct the CDDG Dutch Demonstration Greenhouse in China, is to demonstrate suitable greenhouse hardware equipment, share advanced greenhouse management experiences from the Netherlands, improve yields, and find a sustainable path for the development of Dutch intelligent greenhouses in China.