Multifunctional Accommodation De Markhoeve

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Role of 4D: 

Multifunctional Accommodation De Markhoeve

Provincial government of North-Brabant

Project & Process management




Van der Ven aannemersbedrijf 

Studio EMW

Renovation, Sustainability

Multifunctional Accomodation De Markhoeve

Circular Building

The Markhoeve in Strijbeek, a former goat farm with 5 hectares of land, is becoming a unique place in the Markdal in West Brabant. The complex is completely overhauled and is be 100% circular. The new building replaces the old warehouse at the Markhoeve. Residual material from the demolished warehouse is reused as soil reinforcement for the new building.

Multifunctional Accommodation

The initiative concerns the repurposing of an empty farm that has been purchased by the province. The challenge lies mainly in changing the function to a location where education, agriculture, recreation, nature and sustainability are linked. The multifunctional accommodation will be a place where residents can come together, where starting entrepreneurs can establish themselves, where regional educational institutions can teach and where cultivation trails with Biobased crops can occur to boost the Biobased economy.

Highlighting History & Nature

The new Markhoeve buidling inherits the inner spatial form and the façade composition from the old Markhoeve farmhouse and expresses them with new materials. By bring-in of the visual axis, the unique nature and river Markdal are also able to be enjoyed from the Markhoeve building.

Role of 4D Bedrijfsadvies

4D Bedrijfsadvies has taken this project from the very beginning. As the project and process manager, 4D Bedrijfsadvies not only organized the feasibility study, design, permitting and construction process, but also leaded the developing of the whole project concept and supervised the whole construction.