4D Bedrijfsadvies BV is a professional consulting company active in the field of greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands.
As our business expanded, we are also practicing actively in the building & construction industry.
For more than two decades, we have advised companies and associations to achieve higher and more ambitious goals.


Greenhouse Construction Management

4D Bedrijfsadvies BV has expertise as project management in coordinating complex construction projects of facility agriculture. In the construction of greenhouse projects, we guide various departments to cooperate and complete complex construction projects. Through strict planning and a lot of coordination and communication, gradually lead the project process and finally meet customer expectations.

Greenhouse Operation

In the greenhouse operation project, we provide overall cultivation advice for greenhouse growers, improve yield, reduce cultivation costs, make the entire planting process more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and provide advice and guidance for the transition to sustainable energy solutions for the overall greenhouse operation .

Horticulture Company Strategy

In terms of corporate strategy consulting, 4D-Bedrijfsadvies helps greenhouse horticulture companies optimize their business processes, guides modern agricultural companies to discover their strengths, and helps them stand out in this regard.


4D Bedrijfsadvies BV provides a one-stop service from conceptual design, permit application to project management and construction supervision.

Our team connects professionals in various disciplines such as urban landscape, architectural design, construction and sustainable energy. Interdisciplinary cooperation allows 4D Bedrijfsadvies to have higher value-added solutions.

In the Netherlands, we cooperates with the provincial government of North-Brabant in various public projects. In international projects, 4D Bedrijfsadvies works closely with local architects, project management companies and contractors to land Chinese clients’ projects in Europe in a smooth way.


4D-Bedrijfsadvies enters the Chinese market in 2020 and carries out the following two core greenhouse horticulture businesses in China:

– as greenhouse building project management team, we organize and lead related companies in the Dutch greenhouse industry chain to jointly build and operate Dutch smart greenhouses in China.

– as greenhouse operation management team, we help Chinese greenhouse horticulture companies or institutions optimize the cultivation process, carry out greenhouse operation training, and conduct knowledge exchange.