Smart Agricultural Tour

Connecting China and The Netherlands in the agricultural sector

On the afternoon of September 27th 2019 we sponsored and participated an agricultural tour in Provincie Noord-Brabant. This tour was hosted by BOM and JSBA. The main purpose of BOM and JSBA arrange this agricultural tour is to let Chinese entrepreneurs understand the smart agriculture in Brabant.

The group visited the following two companies: Butterfly-orchids and Natuurlijk Tomaat. At the beginning of the tour, Zhou Mengjuan, representative of the Greater China Region of BOM, gave a welcome speech. Ardie van Honk, the director of 4D Bedrijfsadvies, also introduced the company’s business scope and projects currently in operation. After that the director of Butterfly-orchids, Gerben van Giessen, gave the visitors a detailed introduction of the orchid cultivation methods in different growing seasons. His company cultivate a variety of orchids in colors and sizes to supply the European market. Finally we visited Natuurlijk Tomaat. Plantation owner, Henriëtte van den Hoek, gave a detailed introduction of the history of organic plantation. The plantation is based on the cultivation of organic tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables. The visitors had a delicious dinner based on their own green vegetables in their restaurant.